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If you want to gain time you can pass your orders in advance.They will be ready at the day you wish and can be fetched either in our shop or at the market.

Please give us your orders one day before at the latest, before 15.00 h, contacting us via email cave@fromagerieantony.fr or by phone at 0033 (3) 89 40 42 22.

You can entrust us with the selection of your cheese. Our choice depends on cheese of the season which are in a good state of affinage and are also representative for the large variety of cheese. Certainly we are open to your particular wishes.

Christmas Celebration

Your order should be given Wednesday the 19.12 at least.
Thanks for your understanding.

Assortment of cheese

Pieces of cheese wrapped individually with a little flag indicating name, kind of milk and the respective region

Budget :
for an end of a menu, abt. 5 à 7 € per person
for a menu only consisting of cheese, abt. 12 to 14 € per Person


Presentation and selection of cheese, carefully choiced by us. These pieces are not wrapped, but decorated with their little flags. Please order them one or two days before they shall be served, because it is not easy to keep a wholly decorated cheeseboard for a long time.

for the end of a menu (minimum 8 persons) 8,50 € per person
for a menu only consisting of cheese (minimum 4 persons) 19 € per person