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Tasting sessions

One particularly agreeable agreeable way of sampling our produce is to come to one of our tasting sessions which will be based upon a selection which will be made for you from the very best of our cheeses in season. This will normally involve about 9 different cheeses representing different ’families’ and types of milk.

You will find this to be a particularly enjoyable daytime tasting treat.
Tasting session availability is based upon the opening hours of our shop, as follows :

Hourly during the hours the store :
Plate available
Monday to Friday 10.30am to 12.00pm and from 14.00pm to 17.00pm.
Saturday 10.30am to 15.00pm.

Please note : with the exception of Saturday we are not a restaurant open for the lunchtime service.

Tariff : 18 euros per person.
Reservations : This one is indispensable, in order to present you cheeses at their ideal serving temperature.