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Each person who reads this site has always greedy curiosity that brings together amateurs. It brings back a memory, an image, a few moments of happiness taste etched in the memory. But before being a fun, food was a necessity. To understand the history of our food and cheese, we must return a few centuries back and imagine the lives of our ancestors.

Their means were limited and they often had to deal with similar resources. Each region provides further constraints but other possibilities also. Man has learned as and when it evolves to cope with nature. And cheese appeared the need to preserve milk.

Indeed, the hostess who had milk, turned it into butter, cream, yogurt and cheese course.

And so the cheese is an ideal way to travel the countryside, starting to discover the specialties of each to discover authentic flavors. Refiner of our work is to find the best producers respects secular traditions.

The products of these artisans develop their essence when they have reached their optimum ripening, which means to allow time for multiple fermentation, so that nature do its work. And when cheese was made with care, using raw milk from a beautiful and rich pastures, then it follows a proper refinement, then we can talk about a great local product.

Rather affineur we love ourselves as breeder of cheese, because our job is like raising a child. Give them the attention, care, and can express themselves fully. But again nature plays a vital role, as each child each soil is different, each will have its own personality, we understand them and take them towards excellence.