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Family Portrait Antony

Bernard Antony was initially a travelling grocer, of which there were many at that time, criss-crossing the countryside in his little van delivering butter, sugar, coffee and even clothes to the most isolated communities in the surrounding area. One chance meeting, however, was to change his whole professional life.....

Bernard and Jeanine Antony’s passion for cheese has come down to us thanks to a 1979 meeting with Maître (Cheese Master) Pierre Androuët, at that time recognised as the leading light on this our white gold. As a result, the first Antony cheese cellar was established in 1983, then the cellar reserved for tasting in 1986. Today Maison Antony houses a total of seven maturing and refinement cellars for its cheeses.

Over time, a considerable number of top class chefs have fallen under the bewitching spell of the Antony cheese cellar, such that today there are around 19 Michelin three star restaurants which place their trust in Antony for their cheese platter selection.

A veritable globe-trotter, Bernard Antony likes nothing better than to spread the word about quality French cheeses - a passion which has taken him from Paris to Hong Kong, from New York to Berlin.

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