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Thank you to everyone who made our dream possible

Jeanine et Bernard Antony ’discovered’ cheese in 1979
They had neither experience in cheese-making nor in this field in general, but generous and open-hearted men and women kindled in them a real passion and desire to develop this most traditional of products.

Of course, it is impossible to cite and thank everyone, but we will do our level best :

Jeanine Antony, ever the unsung heroine in the background, without her hard work and constant striving for perfection our adventure would never have got off the ground. Though, sadly she left us too early, she remains ever in our thoughts and memories and her hand continues to guide us.

François Schmitlin , for his help from day one.

Pierre Androuët, our Master Cheesemaker who generously gave us of his faith and vision.

Jean Luc Reitzer, for his unstinting support in the town of Altkirch.

Bruno Sohn, for being the first restaurateur to put his faith in us.

All the journalists in the general and gastronomic press for their coverage.

Monseigneur Otto Von Habsbourg and Président Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, for their political support in 1992 when unpasteurised cheese was in danger of being outlawed.

All our wine-growing friends for so often having partnered our cheese with their best wines.

All our clients for the confidence they place in us.

All our partners and associates : it is their hard work which is the dynamo behind our business.

But above all, our thanks must go to our good friends : our cheese suppliers.

Only a truly top class cheese can be persuaded to ripen and attain perfection - the others can do no more than age. People capable of producing such cheeses are rare indeed ; they have real talent and an almost mystical understanding of their milk.
Thanks to them, each day we continue to be in awe of this white gold which they have been kind enough to share with us.