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Saint Marcellin

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When the Saint Marcellin has a very runny texture, is said to be matured in Lyon. It is usually served in a cup so it does not escape. Thus he is the best !

Since its inception, Tomme de Saint-Marcellin was made from goat's milk. The first historical mentions of Saint-Marcellin cheese dating from the 15th century. The Dauphin Louis II, son of Charles VII and Governor of Dauphiné, consumed with his wife Louise Charlotte of Savoy Castle Bouqueron.
Legend has it that the future Louis XI became acquainted with St. Marcellin after a hunting accident. It was hosted by two lumberjacks in their log cabin, who offered him bread and cheese country. When he ascended the throne of France under the name of Louis XI, he introduced the cheese on the royal table.

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