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Tomme Ardi-Gasna

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There is an AOC Ossau-Iraty. It pretends to represent two sheep cheeses of different soils under a single label. The purpose of such simplification is obvious : standardize products in order to adapt to a global market. Cheeses of the Ossau valley are not better than those developed in the Basque Country (namely Ardi-Gasna), but different.

The two tomes of sheep have specific shapes. The Ardi-Gasna has a right heel while his cousin Béarn has a convex heel The Ardi-Gasna has a paste that dries in tapering. The pulp of a very pale yellow, almost white, develops a very fine taste. Crust, known for its different shades of gray along ripening. After a certain point, it is mite. The color contrast between the dough and crust gives acclaim to this exceptional product.

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